Sandra Bullock, 'Gravity' & America's Comeback

Revolutionary War - The Capture Of Yorktown. Lithograph by Turgis. 148-GW-565. Image via the National Archives.

In 'Gravity' Sandra Bullock plays a mother who lost her child "stupidly." And she walks around in a stupor of grief.

When we first see her in the movie she is battling a cold and her grief to complete a NASA mission with two colleagues.

Almost immediately "Houston" announces a problem - serious debris is headed their way, so bad it's knocked out "everybody's Facebook" on Earth. 

It shouldn't stop the mission. But of course it does. And Sandra Bullock isn't safe in her little cocoon anymore. Not the cocoon of her family. Not the cocoon of her ship.

There are many ways to look at this movie. At the end of it I was thinking of America.

We are looking at problems too numerous to mention. We do not want to think they will hit us like space debris, and knock out the life we currently know. In a serious way. The kind that will leave us gasping for oxygen -- dead or enslaved to poverty, disease, terrorists.

But those problems can hit us. And it will be worse if we hide from the possibility.

In the movie Bullock's problem is not the inability to survive. She has the tools.

The problem is lack of will. She is so grief-stricken she no longer wants to live.

It is only when she decides to fight back or die that she achieves her own kind of victory.

America can learn from Bullock's character in the movie. 

We can overcome all the troubles that we face.

But first we have to break the cocoon of denial.

Decide we won't accept less than abundant success.

And fight our way back to realize our true potential as a nation.

'Gravity' shows it is never a negative situation that defines us. Rather, we are successful when we face trouble directly and decide that we will fight to overcome it or die trying.

* All opinions my own.