That Moment When You Realize Social Media Has Totally Changed, Again, And Everything Else Along With It

Photo by PhotoAtelier via Flickr

So yesterday my sister asked me what it is I do. Because my job changed. Now I run a business. Supporting a Chief Innovation Officer in building an engine we can sustain.

Offices of Innovation are new. In government they're almost unheard of.

So I got the new work plan more or less done, finally. And her question plus the work plan reminded me -- time to update the LinkedIn profile again. That is my resume - that's it. My entire career is held, suspended, cared for in the trust of an anonymous social media provider.

Everything has totally changed, again.

We have Jive at work. We use it to collaborate as well as to communicate and express our opinions.

Remember those conversations way back when (not so long ago) about what would happen if employees started speaking their minds? And we couldn't stop them?

We had so many conversations...and here it is. The sky hasn't fallen in, at least not quite yet. People grumble and gripe, but they also say they like things. And they tell us stuff we need to know.


I remember when just having a blog was a big deal.

Now, blogs themselves are old. Nobody has time to blog. They use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr. There are so many tools that conversation has lost its meaning. There are fractured conversations among micro-groups. We talk to our tribes. We talk past each other.

A million views of GIFs showing cats flushed down toilets. A million views of the kid who got excited about a trip to Disneyland, and another million of the little sister who didn't.

You think you're smart? Put it out there and find lots of other people ready with a retort.

You want to jump on a story quickly? You are too late! Already the Internet is abuzz.

Are you sensitive, or easily offended? Then you better not spend any time online. Because so much of it is negative, sarcastic, outright nasty.

Here I sit in my little world, which would normally be bucolic. But instead it's moving very, very fast. There is so much to learn (and I once thought I knew it all).

Social media has changed but you're missing the big picture if you focus only on that.

Our entire society is changing, the way we think and the way we organize labor and think about success.

The fascination for me is how to put it all together and drive results that are exponential.

While at the same time taking care of our people. Making sure they get to offer their best.

I'm strapping on the seatbelt. It's going to be an interesting ride.

* All opinions my own.