Management Best Practice: Mystery Shopping

So I was checking out of the grocery store today and thinking what a pleasant experience it was to shop there.

Looked up at the community bulletin board on the way out and there it was:

"Mystery Shop Report"

...posted for all the world to see.

The one-page report ranked the store's performance on 5-10 factors and gave it an overall grade of about 80 percent.

It also showed that mystery shopping checks had been done at intervals throughout the year, so this was a year-to-date score.

What a quick, simple, no-cost and highly effective management tool!

If you knew that at any time you might be interacting with a mystery shopper, how would you behave?

How would your boss?

How would your weekly meetings run?

And how would your group act differently knowing that team scores would be posted on the wall -- for visitors!

Mystery shopping - a simple concept with a wide range of applicability.