To Break A Bad Habit - Try Simple Cost-Benefit Analysis

"A minute on the lips, forever on the hips."

It never stopped me from eating junk food before, but some other thoughts have:

1. "This might feel good now but I don't want to be weak."

2. "Do I really want to go out and buy new clothes just to eat this now?"

3. "How will I feel when I look in the mirror and my face looks all puffed up?"

All of this is cost-benefit analysis. Immediate gratification now (benefit), emotional and physical discomfort down the road (cost).

You can apply cost-benefit thinking to any bad habit and literally change your life.

The reason it works is that you get out of the drama. In a logical frame of mind you assess: Is this action or reaction worth it?

But when your filter is not so clear you can get stuck in an endless back and forth:

"Am I right or wrong here?"

"I don't want to hurt people's feelings."

"She said this but he said that."

"Which one should I choose?"

A single, simple metric -- resources or risk expended in exchange for return -- works better and saves a lot of time.