Remove these 5 stubborn obstacles to workflow

If everyone wants to work better-faster-cheaper why don't we?

Wrong answer: We lack staff, funding, tools, training.

Right answer: We can't talk about the real issues holding us back.

These fall into 5 categories of fear: political, social, psychological, economic, biological.

* Political - I will lose power, influence.
* Social - I will lose status, respect.
* Psychological - I will feel anxious, jealous, weak, stupid.
* Economic - I will lose work, my job.
* Biological - I will not survive.

When you want to make a change for the better, focus on addressing the underlying fears.

Get the technical objections out of the way, then approach influential people one at a time.

Find out what the drivers of change really are.

For many, it's a form of cost-benefit: The cost of not learning is greater than the benefit of keeping one's feet stuck firmly in the mud.

You can't force people to change. You can only convince them that efficiency is in their best interests.