Crises Always Hit At The Level Of The Brand

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It's a common mistake when it comes to crisis thinking. You see the situation nearsightedly. From a single instance outward, rather than from the outside in.

Consider government. You may think that one agency has little to do with another, and you may be right. But when a crisis hits, every agency becomes the same.

This is because crises always hit at the level of the brand. In the eyes of the American public, the brand is the government in its totality - the collective mush of the legislative, the executive, and the judicial; the civil servants and the "politicals" alike.

Thus a crisis response that is partial cannot ever be effective. Because the brand in its totality is "government" - all of it.

This is easy to see when you think of brands in the private sector. But it's difficult when your brand is not a "brand" in the traditional, fast-moving-consumer-goods sense. 

Nevertheless, it's the reality that people nowadays think in terms of branding. Unless you respond to an issue at the level where the brand resides, your response is ineffective.

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