What Did You Accomplish? Only You Know

Maybe it's true that "most men lead lives of quiet misery."

But I think it's also fair to say - "most people's happy moments go completely unnoticed."

The other night, motivational speaker Tony Robbins appeared on Piers Morgan's talk show.

He said happiness comes from living a meaningful life. Set a goal, make a plan, find joy in a journey that matters.

Nothing new to talk about that.

What's novel is to choose a path that is meaningful FOR YOU.

I've never believed that you cleanly set goals and reach them. Too much happens to interfere with such a simple path.

Rather I believe that life throws you a baseball. You lean in with your baseball bat and give it a "thwack."

Somewhere in the process of being bombarded and hitting back, you clear a path forward and hopefully, occasionally -- or even once -- strike it big.

When you have those moments it is likely that nobody knows. Or cares. The only one who is truly aware of the significance is you.

And that's because you've spent so much time and energy building up toward that moment. Against every obstacle, you stayed the course, even plowed ahead.

Don't think you have to be Zuckerberg or Branson or Trump to be a winner. Not everything can, or even should, go on your résumé.

In the end the biggest winners in life walk around with quiet contentment on their faces. They put in the effort and climbed the mountain. And it shows.