7 Counterintuitive Productivity Tips for Workaholics

1. Try to be productive at all times. Do not force yourself to "do nothing" in the name of relaxing. This will only stress you more.

2. Instead, force yourself to take a break from work by working hard at other productive things.

3. Redefine for yourself what productivity means. If being a good partner or parent is one of your goals, then pure relationship time is productive.

4. Measure and manage your soft skills over time. Listening for example is an extremely challenging thing to do if you are an action-oriented person. Improved listening skills quickly yield tangible results - e.g. you understand people and situations better - and this can encourage you to develop such skills further.

5. "Play" hard. Workaholics are usually intense types. Do exciting non-work things or do boring things in an exciting way. Hiking without a compass is exciting because you can get lost. Grocery shopping where you time yourself to get it done in 29 minutes or less is exciting because it's a race against time.

6. Do freelance work, teach or volunteer. It is true that the busier you are doing different things the more you get done. It's like with eating - if you have many different foods on your plate you will eat more than if there was just one food.

7. Entertainment is a great way to unwind and also immerse yourself in another activity with no demands. Also, when you rest your mind in this way, your creativity gets sparked because you get into the story. This enhances the other things you are working on in reality.