5 Components Of A Good Awards Ceremony

                                            Generic photo of employees posing with awards by ZSRLibrary via Flickr

Today I attended my first annual awards ceremony at work.

It was great to be recognized but what surprised me was how good the actual ceremony was.

Let me quantify that with specifics:

1. Leaders' speech was spontaneous, and sincere - engaging people, boosting morale by lending meaning to the day-to-day work.

2. Speakers gave remarks full of substantive information about wide-ranging aspects of the organization - good training.

3. There was extensive inclusion of the field offices through video - very unifying.

4. Leaders took time to praise employees in specific enough terms that we learned what behaviors are valued - good training.

5. There was appropriate humor sprinkled throughout - keeping it real. This builds a bond between leader and led without crossing the boundary into overfamiliarity or buffoonery.

I walked into the event expecting a self-congratulatory waste of time, like many corporate events. I walked out joyous, uplifted, more educated about the mission, and appreciative that my own professional brand is linked with that of my employer.

(Note: This is a personal blog - as always all opinions my own.)