CFC Volunteers: The Quiet Heroes

The next time someone insults a Fed please direct them to any CFC volunteer.
Last week someone at my agency put the doubters to shame.
In the space of 1 weekend day she whipped together a feast of baked goods and brought it in.
The next day she sold it without asking for a dime - it was pay what you want.
Generous customers bought mini-cupcakes, brownies and cookies for a total of more than $500.
This person will never take credit and actually feels guilty for not doing more!
I am awed by her generosity and humility and for the first time in nearly a decade of Federal service, truly grasp the meaning of CFC.
It's about giving back to the community, first and foremost.
Culturally though - inside the agency - it's about showing who we are and what we can do when unleashed from the usual bureaucracy.
(Of course you have to get Counsel approval of events before holding them.)
That's a snippet from our poster for the event up there. Please give this quiet but incredibly productive volunteer a round of applause.


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