When You Leave Others Thinking, "What A Jerk!"

Screenshot via DailySeinfeld.com

So my husband and I had lunch in a great vegetarian place except for one thing: The couple on a Match.com type date.

The guy was so loud and obnoxious. First of all he kept interrupting the woman. Every time she started to say something he had to agree, disagree or amplify.

The other things he did that screamed "I'm a jerk" included:

1. Bragging about his "positivity," degrees, experience, books read (this was by far the worst)
2. Asking the waitress her name and then not using it
3. Taking forever to order as he deliberated out loud
4. Telling the woman he would have to get the soup if she wouldn't order dumplings, which apprarently he has never tasted
5. Interviewing the woman like a job candidate

My husband said - better to be more reserved. Humble. Ask how the other person thinks, feels, etc. and wait for a response. Listen!

Sometimes by observing quietly we learn a lot.