"Step Up Revolution" - 5 Themes Related to Branding & Social Commentary

You could be snobby and say there's nothing to learn from pop culture but I say b.s. Here's what I got from the movie:

1. The inner workings of big brands are repulsive. E.g. the way they treat their employees.

2. The 99% wants to be part of the 1%, just in a more socially responsible way.

3. The kinetic, visual, aural and body language are universal signifiers of meaning - words are what we spend most time on and they're mostly irrelevant.

4. The bigger the brand and the larger the pocketbook, the lower the creativity level.

5. Great things are only accomplished by teams working together to achieve a mission that is moral to them.

So it's not goofing off to see the movie, OK? It's a field trip to see great dancing with meaning attached. Have fun.