Fundamental Social Change Can Avert The Looming Crisis

In a previous post ( I tried to provide some indication of the seriousness of the current economic crisis. When you aren't directly affected it can be hard to see, because life seems to go on "as usual."

But something is terribly wrong. And if it gets to a tipping point the economic crisis can easily turn into social breakdown - chaos.


1. Accept that the time for fundamental change has arrived. Stop trying to fit new answers into old paradigms, like political parties.

2. Accept that the well being of all people on the planet is interconnected. There is no Us and Them. Either we are all better off or we are at risk. What this means is the transition to a society where the basic needs of life are easily available at no charge.

3. Accept that there is an Omnipotent Being who gives us life, sustains it, takes it. No atheists in a foxhole as they say.


1. Shift power to the individual level. People working alone or together, in small but loosely connected groups, identify and solve problems. This could be through innovation labs, small-group homeschooling, volunteering, etc.

2. Boost the power of small groups - hyper-local government associations - county by county, get people involved in using communal space for the public good.

3. In school, institutionalize self-sufficiency courses from growing your own food to self-defense. This is not to make us paranoid or warlike, but to increase our sense of empowerment and accountability.

4. Incorporate all kinds of volunteering into community life. Find ways to encourage people to be more than just inhabitants of an area - we need neighborhoods with active neighbors who keep an eye out for each other and pitch in during tough times.


1. The federal government can use its network of communicators better. Put us into a working committee tasked with customer response and crisis notifications at the very least. When things fall apart people look to the government for information.

2. The government can encourage the kind of technology innovation that results in feeding, clothing, housing and medically caring for the entire population at no cost. Facilitate the transition to a free and prosperous society.

3. Businesses can participate in the rebranding of commerce to the extent that there is no stigma on "free," but rather the competition for elite status (branding) is between people who all have their basic needs met.

4. The importance of the family and relationships should be embraced with more than just words. Children and the elderly should not be siloed into special places but rather be incorporated into regular community activities, including the workplace, wherever possible.

5. Freedom and responsibility go together. Make laws plain and accessible to the average person, and law enforcement a part of local and community life interlinked with the national and federal levels.

In the end we are all in it together, though we may think that we can escape the hand of fate. If we embrace change bravely, decide to take care of each other and put our faith in G-d, I think we can pull through.