CVS For Lunch

Usually I don't have time to run out for lunch nor do I want to spend the money at the food court (eats into the Starbucks budget).
Therefore I went to CVS one day and stocked up on various things that seemed somewhat edible.
It took me way too long to find something. Generally it is sort of a mystery to me why the "grocery" (so to speak, it's more like half an aisle where I go) section is stocked the way it is. Whatever, it's probably marketing research combined with sales volume data that determines what's on the shelf.
Given the various restrictions in my diet, including general calorie/addictiveness of food considerations, eating kosher, and not wanting to spend too much, I pick out the following:
  • General Foods International Coffee - it just tastes way too good to be true and I don't know what each chemical in the ingredients does. Don't care.
  • Red Bull - to which I am so addicted that at a recent offsite, where I was sequestered in an anonymous office building with no access, I thought they were going to call 911 the way I was slumped over in the chair by 3 p.m. Yes, I did run to (guess where, CVS) the minute it was over.
  • Butter Lover's popcorn in a blue box, probably Act II - whatever brand this is, it smelled so strong when I microwaved it that people came by to my cube to ask if I had chocolate. Yes they said chocolate. And I got a huge stomachache afterward, but craved yet more.
Disgusting isn't it.
Let me close this blog by saying that I had a really nice mug on my desk that I put pens in. I needed said mug for the coffee. Unfortunately the mug had ink on the bottom. One of the pens had drained itself of ink and there it was, pooled at the bottom. Settled in.
I was desperate for a cup of coffee one day, and that was the only mug I had. This is so gross, but I heated up some water in the mug, thinking that the ink would not affect it. I put the coffee in the mug and it tasted fine. 
I couldn't drink the whole thing so I left the mug on the desk with some coffee still left in there, and the ink at the bottom. Went home for the weekend and came back on Monday to find the mug still there, till with the coffee in it, but tinged a different color. Purple.
Went to the office sink to wash out the mug, thoroughly ashamed of my lack of "housekeeping." And when I dumped out the liquid there it was - I couldn't believe it! Whatever was in the General Foods International Coffee had literally lifted out that ink. 
The mug was sparkling!
And they say CVS doesn't have everything. It does. It does.
Note: They say Coca-Cola takes the paint off a car, so I'm sure General Foods International Coffee is **completely** safe to drink. Meme by me via