The Genius Of The Container Store

The best tagline ever: "Contain Yourself."

People like me - Generation Xers with obligations - lead a crazy life.

We juggle family time, "me" time, job time, volunteer time, writing time, housework time, appointment time, fun time, religion time, and even car time.

We lead chaotic lives.

The Container Store really gets that. You walk in the door and right away, it's all under control.

It's - yes - contained!

I bought a cord holder for my iPhone cord for $3.99. I can't get the cord out from the cord holder. Don't care. In my mind, life is under control.

Love it!

In The Container Store life is very orderly. The closet, the kitchen, the office - it's all taken care of.

I still think that mostly Moms take care of the family.

The Container Store specializes in taking care of Mom.

For half an hour and a minimal, negligible purchase, they make us feel like anyone can have it all!


Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal is an author, independent brand researcher, and adjunct marketing professor with 20 years of varied experience. An avid researcher and prolific, creative writer, Dr. Blumenthal's interests span communication, marketing, qualitative media content analysis, political rhetoric, propaganda, leadership, management, organizational development, and more. An engaged citizen, she has for several years worked to raise awareness around child sex trafficking and the dangers of corruption at @drdannielle on Twitter. You can find her articles at Medium, and, and she frequently answers questions on Quora. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own.