7 Real Ways To Introduce Organizational Change

This morning I was fortunate to attend a workshop sponsored by Jive Software as part of its "Jive Live" tour. (The workshop was free and open to the public, and this is not an endorsed post nor an endorsement of the company or its products.)

Jive is part of the new wave of "social business" companies integrating knowledge management, collaboration, and internal communications for greater productivity. Yammer and Socialtext are two competitor names that come to mind, although there are many (Quora has a fairly comprehensive listing).

The workshop itself was very educational (see #jivelive) but the best part for me was the "7 Steps to Success" presented at the end. They are useful for implementing ANY organizational change strategy.

1. Align to business strategy. Use your initiative to answer the question, "This year we will ---"

2. Gain strong executive sponsorship. If the leader wants it, everyone will want it.

3. Pilot with influential groups. These are the "buzzworthy" folks, the ones other people copy, and/or those whose success is repeatable in other offices.

4. Train people how to use it - explain to them how to act in the "new order" - this does not refer to infantile, overly restrictive policy

5. Seed the environment with examples of success - put content in the blog before you launch it, for example; if a different kind of change, populate the environment with living examples of success

6. Communicate in all directions - 
from the bottom - experts, influencers - and top down executives, staff meetings

7. Be able to show the impact - quantitative use, qualitative feedback and correlate use to impact

Excellent seminar, really excellent - I will be carrying around these tips for a while till I memorize them.