The Social Media "Avengers" Cheat Sheet: Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Klout

Heroes in the Pavillion
Photo by Ewen Roberts via Flickr (obviously this post has nothing to do with the movie)

Nowadays social media is practically a required "leisure" activity - you sort of have to participate whether you like it or not.

Nobody says you have to do everything, but a few activities are in my view required. Here's a guide to the basics: Blogging, Tweeting, LinkedIn, and Klout.

Facebook is omitted because this tool presents complicated issues that can get you burned. The basic problem is that you really are "yourself" when you're on Facebook. This leads some to censor/manipulate their identity so as to build a brand (unhealthy and hard to sustain). Others offer TMI (too much information) and get themselves in trouble. It deserves a separate post.

These are just a few guidelines, but there are tons more out there if you are interested.

Good luck!


1. How To Write A Blog Others Want To Read: Penelope Trunk
  • Knock out your draft
  • Put the two best sentences first
  • Rewrite the blog
  • Cut it to 600 words max
  • Use research
  • Be opinionated
2. Tweet: Paul Andre, Michael Bernstein, Kurt Luther for Harvard Business Review
  • "Random" thought - funny, exciting
  • Self-Promotional
  • Ask a question
  • Share info
3. LinkedIn: Amit Nagpal
(SlideShare Presentation)
  • Detailed profile, catchy headline - avoid silly ID's
  • Short, engaging summary
  • Current employer & relevant certifications
  • Website, blog, tweets, publications, presentations, awards
  • High-level groups, specialized niche groups - join & participate!
  • Reading list, interests, travel
  • Numbers matter - connections, recommendations, etc.
4. Klout: Samantha Murphy
  • Network online
  • Write good content
  • Share it
  • Interact
  • Be consistent
  • Be natural - don't try to work the system