Learning to Succeed In A New Job


Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on this. What follows is a combination of their tips and some things that I have observed. Hope it's helpful to you as well:

I. Personality
  • Humble
  • Nice
  • Positive
  • Team player
  • Authentic
  • Diplomatic
  • Talk judiciously
  • Curious
II. Community
  • Commit to adding more value than you subtract
  • Use Myers-Briggs to understand how people and groups think/operate
  • Pretend you’re an anthropologist
  • Don’t hesitate to use astrology to better understand personality type
  • Learn the unwritten rules - remember, little things are big
  • Reach out to introduce yourself; meet someone new each day
  • Learn about the communities that exist, not just the individuals
  • Study how people communicate with one another
  • Learn the rituals and traditions
  • Learn the acronyms, history, and subject matter
  • Shared office food, coffee breaks, and lunches are icebreakers
III. Image
  • Be thoughtful about the first impression you make
  • Clothing
  • Cosmetics/grooming
  • Office decor
  • Mannerisms, body language
  • Tone of voice
  • Smiling or not smiling (depends where you are)
  • Time to get in shape
IV. Workstyle
  • Everything you do is oriented to enhancing the image of your supervisor
  • Learn expectations, adjust continually, and conform to those through CRM: Who is your CUSTOMER (or customers)? Engage in continuing conversations - what do they want from the RELATIONSHIP? How will you MANAGE it? - see The Relationship-Based Enterprise)
  • Think marathon not sprint - work/life balance is critical
  • Stay in your lane - but learn what it really is - it is likely different than you think
V. Health
  • Locate sources of support externally
  • Network internally and find mentors who are generous enough to be supportive
  • Get out from your desk space - walk and exercise
  • Eat well, and thoughtfully 
Above all the most important thing to me is spiritual well-being. Serve your Creator and be grateful for everything.

Good luck!

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