10+ Words To Use Besides "Branding"

In my experience, most people like and appreciate branding, but they themselves don't want to be branded.

So when you promote the concept of branding within an organization, talk directly about the benefits that most appeal to your audience and avoid the word:

1. Professionalism

2. Standardization (or consistency - if you can throw in cost savings that's good)

3. Self-service (or templates, efficiency)

4. Integration (or unity, organizational culture, internal communication)

5. Corporate communication

6. Marketing

7. Outreach (or education)

8. Reputation (or customer preference, or price premium - indicate that the brand adds value to the organization)

9. Identity (or image)

10. Relationship-building, customer relationship management, community

What brand-substitute words do you use? Post a comment.

Good luck!