Zuckerberg's IPO Letter, the "Shadow Core Group" & Other Strategies for Legitimizing Gov 2.0

Been thinking about concrete ways to bridge the gap between the ideals of Gov 2.0 and the actual reality of government organizations. Have found two approaches that seem to work and wonder if others have additional ideas.

Idea #1 - Organize Around An Alternative Vision and Widen The Group To Include Members of The Status Quo

To me this is basically the GovLoop strategy. Per Art Kleiner (Read a little more here or buy the book):
  1. Organizations act the way they do based on the disproportionate influence of a "core group" of influencers.
  2. To change the organization, get together and form a "shadow core group" with a different vision - imagine the story clearly (see "If We Can Put A Man On The Moon") and embody it behaviorally (e.g. collaboration vs. information-hoarding)
  3. The shadow group gradually includes members of the "legitimate" core group in its conversations until the new ideology replaces the old.
Idea #2: Be A Living Ambassador Through Your Own Networking and Relationships

Mark Zuckerberg's IPO missive (read the whole letter here) lays out his vision of transforming society one relationship at a time. Excerpts:
  • "Personal relationships are the fundamental unit of our society."
  • "People sharing more — even if just with their close friends or families — creates a more open culture and leads to a better understanding of the lives and perspectives of others."
  • "As people share more, they have access to more opinions from the people they trust about the products and services they use. This makes it easier to discover the best products and improve the quality and efficiency of their lives."
Looking forward to hearing what others have to say as I'm very interested in proven ways to move from theory to reality.


Originally posted as a comment to GovLoop.