Time to Cut The (You Know)

Remember that show "Melrose Place?"

With little babies running around at the time, I didn't get what valuable workforce training Heather Locklear's character provided (hope she gets better soon - if you're following celebrity news and such.)

Whoever tossed flimsy excuses Heather's way was quickly reduced to shreds as she nailed through all the B.S. and got to the heart of the problem.

My maternal grandmother and grandfather (may they rest in peace) were like that. They used to pick up the phone simultaneously in separate rooms and then stay on. And listen intently. If you fed them a line they would say in unison, "Come on!"

My nuclear family and friends are like that too. Yesterday my daughter looked at my new scarf and started laughing: "You look like a stewardess."

I think of this today as I reflect on the subject of meetings and why they often bore the participants so badly.

It's because a lot of phony talk is flying around and nobody gets up to challenge it.

Growing up in the culturally very direct New York metropolitan area, coming from a family of straight shooters, educated by people with a Talmudic rational approach to seemingly everything, and personally just a blunt and direct person who dislikes wasting time and money intensely, I find myself playing the role of B.S.-cutter a fair amount.

It was harder to do that when budgets were more free-flowing. Now the approach is increasingly welcome.

Challenging economic times can definitely get you down. But if you look at them as an opportunity they can be inspiring.

Cut the mental bloat that clouds thinking like a cataract. You will see better and be happier too.

Have a good evening everyone, and good luck!