Repetition repetition repetition repetition. Repeat.

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It's already well established that the way you act determines your mindset and your reality.
  • Smile and you become a positive person and you draw blessings your way.
  • Kvetch and complain and you make yourself miserable and push the world away as well. 
We already know that you can't wait to feel good to get out there and achieve. You just do it.

What we don't usually realize is that there is more to "acting as if" than the mere acting.

A critical aspect of this method is the repetition that it involves. Just like with the "over and over" quality of brand reinforcement, you create success in any area through the behaviors that you repeat.
  • If you want a promotion, you repetitively dress, act, interact, and behave like a higher-level executive.
  • If you want a healthier lifestyle, you repetitively do healthy things until eating fruits and vegetables becomes a part of your "natural" state of being. (More on that in a minute.)
  • If you want to become more religious or convert religions, you adopt the mannerisms of the new lifestyle until it becomes your own.
The reality is that there is no such thing as a "natural" state of being. "Natural" in fact is socially and personally constructed.

The way to do something new, the way to achieve the next level in your life, is to:
  1. Visualize the end state in your mind - what do you look like? Literally.
  2. Act like that person - imitate them.
  3. Repeat the imitation over and over again until it becomes your own.
Just like you can invent a brand out of nothing, you can take your life in any direction you choose.

There really are no limits.

Have a good evening everyone, and good luck!
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