If Washington, D.C. Were On The Beach

Founding Father

We were walking along the sidewalk parallel to the beach and happy people were everywhere.

They were sitting at the cafes, laughing and talking. Brightly dressed people running around, smiling in the sunshine.

Everyone seeming so carefree.

And the joking thought came up, "Can you imagine if Washington, D.C. were like Florida?"

It seemed like a crazy idea but then I thought, you know, this has a sort of logic to it.

We in D.C. are so serious all the time. We have briefcases. There are monuments. The weight of history stands behind every move we make.

Maybe all that heaviness gets in our way? Makes us afraid to try something new? To laugh?

I can't imagine that we would hold a session of Congress with everyone in bathing suits. That would be...well it would be disrespectful for sure.

But I can imagine that we let people wear polo shirts and shorts and flipflops every now and then.

I can imagine that we have workspaces that look a lot like the front of an Apple store. Where people work standing up, together at a big glass desk, live.

Maybe on that desk they see models of new concepts at times. And they can debate and discuss them together.

What would be so bad if we decided things over a volleyball game at the National Mall?

Or turned the whole city into one big walking, biking, rollerskating maze where all of us serious people did business outside in the sunshine, with our brains as in motion as our feet?

It's not to say that Florida is any better than anywhere else, or that D.C. is worse.

Just that sometimes, our minds benefit from incorporating a change of scene.

I think it would be fun, anyway.

Have a good day everyone, and good luck!
"Founding Father" photo by Nikki Mansur via Flickr.


Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal is an author, independent brand researcher, and adjunct marketing professor with 20 years of varied experience. An avid researcher and prolific, creative writer, Dr. Blumenthal's interests span communication, marketing, qualitative media content analysis, political rhetoric, propaganda, leadership, management, organizational development, and more. An engaged citizen, she has for several years worked to raise awareness around child sex trafficking and the dangers of corruption at @drdannielle on Twitter. You can find her articles at Medium, www.AllThingsBrand.com and www.DannielleBlumenthal.com, and she frequently answers questions on Quora. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own.