Idea: Run The Election As Reality TV

Watching Donald Trump talking politics last night (“Why didn’t Obama call me? I would’ve helped him out”) I had an epiphany: We should run the next election like a reality TV show – slash – competition. Imagine how great that would be, on so many levels.
First, a reality TV campaign would truly reflect American popular culture and values. Think about the amazing popularity of these shows: Celebrity Apprentice, The Biggest Loser, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Big Brother, Survivor, Dancing With The Stars, The X Factor, American Idol, and so on. All have the most American of principles in common:
1) Level Playing Field: Have the contestants complete common challenges
2) Humanism: Interview them to let us know who they are
3) Transparency: Follow them around so we can see how they act relatively unscripted
4) Meritocracy: Have an expert panel of judges to critique their performance
5) Democracy: Ultimately, let the people decide!
Second, a reality TV election would replace so much negativity with positive, momentum-building energy:
1) We'd get rid of divisiveness and unify people around solving problems - there is nothing we Americans like to do more - to participate!
2) We'd reduce the concentration of political energy in D.C. and encourage everyone – to participate!
3) We'd decrease the moaning and groaning by people who feel closed off from the political process and encourage crowd-sourcing by everyone – to participate!
Third, rather than wasting money on endless, spiteful TV commercials that only add to the hatred out there, we could generate positive energy promoting a TV show that brings forth solutions to problems. And wouldn't it be amazing if the Hollywood studios donated a substantial portion of the proceeds from the competition directly to citizens who need it.
Fourth, once we have a winner, having picked that person so openly and transparently we would have more invested in their success, rather than tearing them down.
Fifth, and finally, it would save us from having to watch the endless loop of Kardashian Koverage every...single...night on E!

I say we try it. What do we have to lose?
Have a good day everyone, and good luck!
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