Abusive Subway Customer, We Saw You

Beautiful Christmas tunes were playing in the background and there was nobody but her on the line.

She stood ahead of us. We stood behind and waited to place our order. I assumed it would be quick.

The first sign of trouble involved the bread. "That bread looks hard," she said. "Is that fresh?"

The woman serving her was a native Spanish speaker and stood there for a moment. She waited to be told what to do.

"Get me the other one," said the customer, gesturing at the bread case. "God!"

The customer ordered something involving meat and cheese. This is always of special interest to me as meat + cheese is forbidden fruit to people who keep kosher.

The server put the meat on the bread and the bread somehow tore. She continued to pile on the sandwich ingredients the customer requested.

"Do you see that that bread is TORN?" said the customer. "What is WRONG with you? Are you NEW?"

The server looked up and said nothing.

"Replace that bread."

The server told the customer that a new bread would cost extra.

"Alright then, try to put the fillings on, but if it falls out I am coming back here and I'm gonna FORCE you to make me a new sandwich."

The server blinked.

"You know what? Change that bread!"

The server changed the bread.

This went on until said customer ordered sandwich #2. A long line had formed. The servers were struggling to keep up so they took our order and tried to handle both at once.

"What? Are you LEAVING my sandwich to work on HERS? I'm about ready to blow my top!"

The other people on the line murmured amongst ourselves. You could actually hear it, like a low rumbling. I wanted to say something, but I was afraid that she would pop me one.

My daughter was scared.

The customer motioned to the manager. "What kind of CUSTOMER SERVICE is this?" she said. "I am going to REPORT this!"

I was actually speechless. It was just an unbelievable scene. How could there be such beautiful music playing, and this woman comes in and abuses the servers, just because she has $5 to spend on a footlong and they make $5 an hour trying not to lose their jobs.

When the customer left, I paid for my sandwich and salad. I said to the manager, "That lady was SO mean. We saw her. It wasn't her (gestured to server) fault at all." I just really had to.

"That's right," said the lady behind me. "She was AWFUL."

And all down the line, a row of smiles and warmth to the woman whose basic human dignity deserved to be respected.

And do you know that woman looked up at all of us and she gave the biggest, most beautiful smile I have ever seen.

Happy holidays everyone...have an incredibly good evening, and good luck!

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