10 Tips for New Leaders, Most of Them From a Wise Friend

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  1. Act the part till you feel it is “you.”
  2. Have someone in mind to model yourself after.
  3. Dress the part – time to go shopping!
  4. When someone is hostile – remember it’s not personal; don’t engage at their level; and don’t be afraid to call them out and remind them to be a professional.
  5. Remember that you are a leader now, and it's all about approach (not agitating to be heard).
  6. Build coalitions and make sure everyone is informed who needs to be.
  7. Timing is everything – ride the wave when you have it, and don’t push things when you know they won’t fly.
  8. Document how you make key decisions so that you can defend them later; document meetings, conversations, and accomplishments.
  9. Ask for input; challenge people to make your concepts better; do small hands-on demos so that they can see what you’re working on and help improve it.
  10. Set up regular meetings, make them open but have an agenda, and provide an incentive for people to attend – especially food.
Have a great day everyone - and good luck!