Why your boss doesn't like your personal brand

You have a blog, a Twitter account, you're active on LinkedIn and
you've even presented a case study at a conference or two.

Maybe your resume looks better but is all this extra work impressing your boss?

According to personal branding specialist Dan Schawbel, the answer is
no. In "The Perils of Self-Promotion" (Forbes 11/15/11) he warns
excessive Twitterers and the build-your-brand bloggerati about the
risk of "alienating your boss with your overzealous self-promotion."

Paradoxically, too much personal branding can actually screw up your job!

In the article, Schawbel and other experts offer 3 good basic tips to
help eager career-builders avoid this fate:

1. Build your brand on your own time, but make sure to keep your boss informed

2. The 80/20 rule still rules: Spend most of your time on your job
and work relationships, and only after that, your brand
(Steve Cannon, VP marketing, Mercedes-Benz USA)

3. A similar rule regarding personal brand activity (70/30): keep most
of your content useful (information or entertainment) and only then
indulge in self-promotion.
(Shama Kabani, author, the Zen of Social Media Marketing)

The bottom line, whether you're balancing a job and a personal brand
or just self-employed and looking to build your business online, is
that self-promotion is a turnoff. Focus on the work and the
relationships in whatever environment you're in and it should be fine.

Have a good day everyone, and good luck!