10 TV commercials I really like

It was TV commercials that first got me into branding, and once in a while it's nice to sit back and appreciate them for what they are - not just a commercial form but also art.

Looking at the list below, they happen to cluster in the financial and automobile categories, not sure why. I notice that funny commercials tend to go to the top of the list, followed by commercials with some funky great character/music, and then commercials with heart.

Also, I'm noticing that great commercials usually build the brand - they are not direct "calls to action." Though one of these stands out for doing both - E-Trade. Their commercials are outstandingly convincing.

(Note - there was one commercial that almost made it onto this list, till I saw that at least some military folks found it exploitive - the Kay Jewelers "Open Heart" commercial featuring Jane Seymour. Sorry Kay.)

If anyone has a favorite commercial to add please do, as I'm always interested to see what other people think. Or one you absolutely hate, those are always fun.

Here's the "Top 10":




1. E-Trade Baby Commercial – “Time Out” (unusually strong consistency between different commercials - reinforces the call to action: “Join E-Trade, for serious investors.”)


2. E-Trade – “Passion TV”


3. Capital One Cash Card – “Graphs Commercial”




4. Kia Soul – “Share Some Soul”


5. Chrysler – “Imported From Detroit”


6. Chevy – “The Pick Up”


7. Volkswagen – “The Force”




8. Target – “Missoni for Target”


9. Jordan – “Love The Game”


10. Sonic – “You’re A Cheap Date”



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