10 Things Patti Stanger Might Advise The Candidates About Last Night's Republican Debate

Patti is the host of The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. I love her show.

Here's what she might be saying this morning:

1. "Macho? In a political debate? Really?"

2. "Keep your hands to yourself." (Wait, that's my kindergarten teacher.)

3. "TMI. Keep it short and sweet."

4. "You've got to let the other person talk."

5. "Be open to other people. Got to tear down that wall."

6. "Religion can be a dealbreaker. You've got to be ready to handle that question."

7. "Remember Staci, the wacky actress/coach/model/divorcee who kept resisting my bad advice? Wacky is bad."

8. "Likable beats smart every time."

9. "Just because someone knows how to make a million dollars, doesn't mean they know how to treat another person. That's how I stay in business."

10. "I have a 99% success rate, so take my advice."