Patagonia's smart branding: "Stop buying me new"


Talk about being true to your brand values.

According to a September 13 blog post by SageAdvice, Patagonia is now encouraging its customers to buy items used - not new - through its eBay storefront.

Of course, eBay is all excited about the concept of retail brands selling things through its online storefront.

But what marketers are excited about is the concept of a brand that is so true to its values, that it will actually do things that will almost certainly reduce its bottom line.

I remember debating other brand consultants about - could the company survive while featuring other vendors selling exactly the same stuff for less? Answer: YES! Because in the end, the only one you trust is Amazon.

In a similar way, I do think that Patagonia will succeed with this move, both in terms of its reputation (mission-action alignment) and in terms of the perceived quality of its product - "so good that I'd even buy it used."

Learn more about the Patagonia-eBay partnership and the Common Threads Initiative that powers it. Brilliant branding for a brighter future.