I am a Red Bull: 5 more productivity tips that help me work faster, better, cheaper


If you read my blog you know that I'm a huge fan of the site Lifehacker.com. They've really got it over there: How to do things faster, smarter, cheaper and about five million ways to build a desk out of leftover planks of wood. What more could you want?

Anyway, I find that reading the site so much leaves me thinking about productivity in general - how to achieve it and how to share what I learn with others. 

In that spirit, here are 5 for today:

1. Red Bull or the much cheaper version they sell at Aldi. Works just fine.

2. Sharepoint to track tasks at work. Keep it simple: name of task, date started, open/hold/closed, a windowbox for notes. Go back to the task list every day or two and update. It seems like it takes up time, but it actually keeps you from wasting time.

3. When you produce a work plan, show it to a few peers for informal comment first. Usually they'll pick up on the kinds of mistakes you tend to make in your work that you don't pick up on because you make them all the time. 

4. Look at who's calling you before you answer the phone (if your smartphone shows the originating number). Emotional vampire? Don't pick up!

5. Attend free lunchtime webinars of the kind sponsored by Harvard Business Review and others. You might not have time to travel somewhere or funds to pay for training, but dialing in to an hourlong learning session will save you time in mistakes later on.

Oh - one more - shop at Aldi. Cheap & they've got it all.

Have more tips? Let me know - I appreciate them.

Have a good day, and good luck!



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