19 Tips for Engaging A Geographically Dispersed Workforce (Employee Communications)

I know, I know, it would have been cleaner with 20. Feel free to add the last one...

1. Work within the culture, not against it.

2. Keep your message consistent across channels/platforms.

3. Customize your external message to an internal audience.

4. Use technology to facilitate human interaction, not replace it.

5. Treat technology as a necessity not an option.

6. Use technology strategically—filter information to the right people at the right time.

7. Don’t over-write—short and simple is best online, where people scan and don’t read.

8. Longer documents should be in deeper links that people can print if they need to.

9. Use technology to inform your employees of an issue before the media does.

10. Customize delivery of information according to employee usage habits—email, online, handheld device, etc.

11. Keep print materials available—just use them sparingly.

12. Use multiple and overlapping channels to communicate—not just one.

13. Collaborate extensively to achieve buy-in.

14. Keep technology simple—especially for the communicators who will use it.

15. Evolve strategy and execution continuously—never rest on your laurels.

16. Accept criticism (e.g. via blog) but insist that employees put their name on it.

17. Ask for feedback and take action based on it.

18. Don’t make excuses about metrics—generate them and put them to good use.

19. Test your message before you send it—and check everything, to the smallest detail.

Have a good day everyone, and good luck!


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