Why Google+ Is More Dangerous Than Facebook From a Privacy Perspective

In my opinion, Facebook is no more trustworthy than Google when it comes to data privacy. 

The difference is that if you are a typical Google user you've plopped a sea of data onto their servers that makes FB look tame by comparison.

Look at all the data that Google users store on Google's servers...do you really want to create a public profile for all the world to see that is linked to the following? 

* Google Docs

* Gmail (imagine all the email sitting in your inbox, sent folder, the trash)

* Checkout (your purchase history if you used a Google shopping cart, linked to your credit card)

* Contacts (usually combine personal and professional)

* Social connections ("direct" and "secondary")

* Phone calls (if you use Google Voice)

* Photos (Picasa web albums)

* Calendar

* Tasks

* Blog, website, site analytics

* Web search history

* Chrome sync (if you use Chrome and sync your passwords)

* Google reader - the stuff you read

* Bookmarks

* Google group membership

* Music

* YouTube (your favorites, your comments)

* Google Buzz

* Google Mobile

Of course we're all going to use Google+.

All I'm saying is, use it smartly.

If you want to de-link your personal data from your public profile, create a dummy account that does not house the kind of data your personal/regular Google account houses. 

Good luck.