Ladies: about those flip-flops


Tonight on the train I counted a good number of women, let’s say 10 because I stopped counting at 9 and there were more, wearing these cheap plastic excuses for shoes.


Here are 5 things I hate about them:


1. They are sold in bins.

2. No manicure. Bad manicure. Fading manicure.

3. Black toenail polish looks like fungus. Deep orange is not a color.

4. Gnarly toes, bunions, calluses. “Oh my.”

5. Once you start getting unkempt with the shoes…things can deteriorate pretty badly.


I understand that people want to keep cool. Did I say to wear stockings all the time? Heck no.


If people were to keep the flip-flops for the beach or even Sundays I could understand. But wearing them to work? What is the deal with that?


It’s not like these flip-flop wearers are impoverished.


They take these beautiful outfits, these carefully done “looks,” and then they trash it with the flips.


What are these workers saying?


I will tell you.


“I don’t really want to be here. My head is at the beach.”


Not the message you want to be sending.


Casual isn’t always bad. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg made a positive brand out of wearing casual, even shleppy T-shirts in that vomit color.


When I see someone who wears a T-shirt and a blazer to work, I get the sense that they are more focused on results than on appearance.


Flip-flop wearers don’t seem to want to be there.


And since the flip-flop-wearers are 100% female, in my experience – I have never once seen a man wear flip-flops to work, nor sandals, for that matter – is it really a good idea to be dressing so casually?


Is sexism really so over that we can act like we don’t care?


So – no matter how hot it gets – no matter how much you want to be in South Beach or Ocean City or wherever – please think twice before you put those flip-flops on your feet.


Especially if you are going to the office.


If you absolutely must wear them, at least get a manicure.

But then everyone is going to look at your feet - and not at your head - which is where your brain is. The thing you want to get credit for at work.

Think about it.


Have a great weekend everyone – and good luck!


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