10 Ways To Get More From 24 Hours

I read so many of these kinds of articles and they're all great. Throwing my two cents in:

1. Make TV a reward for exercise. TV has a way of totally numbing your brain. Exercise is mind-numbingly boring without TV. They go together and you need both. Combine.

2. Sleep. Or you won't be able to concentrate.

3. Work in bursts. Focus your mind intensely on one task at a time, do it for a short time, then do something else. As opposed to not working on it all day long.

4. Overschedule. Ask more of yourself. You will find that you get more done in general, even if you fail to do it all.

5. Write down your tasks. Go through the list once a day. Mark things "open," "hold," or "closed." Your goal is to have almost nothing in the "open" column by the end of the day.

6. Buy healthy food that is prepackaged. Let's be honest, there is usually no time to cook. But don't eat crappy food either. Giant has a healthier food section and it's worth paying a little extra.

7. Terminate going-nowhere conversations. Just end them. Imagine you are getting paid by the hour for your time. Wait a minute - you are!

8. Get to the point quickly regarding tasks. Keep the emotionally intelligent, chat-about-irrelevant-stuff to the edges of the conversation. Once the work is dealt with you can talk.

9. Cut down on the email. Life isn't a court case. Pick up the phone or stop by. Email is usually misinterpreted anyway.

10. Relax. It stimulates your brain to come up with new ideas. You lose steam if you are always "on task."

Hope these are helpful and as always, please share your ideas too.

Good luck!