10 Personal Branding Tips for Gender Balance (Personal Observation)

The following is based on my own personal observation, and I know that
everyone is different. If you think this doesn't apply to you,
obviously you can ignore it or comment. I hope that it is helpful.

For women--

1. Remember that work is inherently competitive - don't take it personally.

2. Develop a comfort level with authority - assertive, not passive or

3. If you define yourself strongly as a "relationship person," engage
in linear decision-making sometimes.

4. Demonstrate physical confidence: Walk fast and tall; shake hands
firmly; look people in the eye.

5. Dress more formally than you think you have to, and not overly
"girly." The message should be: I'm smart and focused on my work.

For men--

1. Look beyond the visual cues and listen for the things that are not said.

2. Seek to influence and inspire rather than to "lead."

3. Convert enemies into friends, or neutral parties, rather than go

4. Develop a high level of comfort with weakness to avoid being
blindsided by problems caused by denial.

5. Even if you know the answer, ask for advice anyway.