Time Out: '80s Nostalgia

A number of references to the 80's tonight via Twitter have me waxing nostalgic. Plus I need a break from editing my book. So here goes:

1. Molly Ringwald/John Hughes movies

2. No responsibilities

3. Blowout perms

4. Madonna

5. "Footloose"

6. Neon

7. MTV actually played music videos

8. The mall

9. "Valley Girl"

10. The Brat Pack

11. J-2 and Kosher Delight (NYC)

12. No all-consuming smartphones, texting, Facebook, etc.

13. The NYU library - real books, real stacks, real quiet

14. Greenwich Village before it became "corporatized"

15. Nobody knew what "branding" was

What do you miss?