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Just Do Something

Some people are incessantly negative.

"I can't..."

"What a waste of time..."

"That will never work..."

And so on.

It's almost like they think that success is unattainable. Either that:

1. It must be very easy to achieve - or

2. Inordinate effort against huge impossible challenges is always required.

The absence of either one of these polar opposites (depending on the bias of the complainer) makes them snifflingly suspicious.

The truth is that success is right in front of us all the time.

It is only our own mental blocks that prevent us from seeing it, and seizing it.

I remember when I programmed a QR code for the first time, at work. Nobody could believe it.

"How the hell did you do that?" Like it was a magic trick.

No magic, I just Googled "create QR code" and found a tool that worked.

I showed a customer how it worked and he said, "You mean we're ALLOWED to do that?"

I said "Uh-huh."

He said, "Because I'm so used to an automatic 'no.'"

I stopped doing the treadmill for awhile. And physically paid a price for that. EVERY excuse in the book.

One day I just got on again. Now I "do the treadmill." And feel better, thank G-d.

Success is right in front of your face.

I saw someone looking defeated today. I said "Are you in hell?"

She nodded wordlessly. Then said: "But the good news is it won't be forever till retirement."

That sadness makes me want to cry. How do you know retirement will be any better? You could drop dead the day after you get the gold watch.

Success is in the mind. It is a choice and we choose to make it.

I read about a young woman who graduated college, no job. But she was always futzing around making jewelry "on the side." Now the jewelry is the main thing and it is totally irrelevant that there are no jobs for Millennials out there.

There is an elderly man who takes customers' money at the deli. He is completely blind. The cash register says aloud to him how much money he is getting, in bills and coins.

I said to him, "How do you do it?" (meaning psychologically) and he said, "I believe you have to do the best you can, and that's it." Then he added, "I was born this way so I guess I don't know any different."

The blind man was so happy, really happy. I envy this man his peace.

The next time you are stuck, sad, or stupendously miserable - really, why waste your time? Just get the hell up. Shake it out. Get out of your own way.

With strength, faith, resolve and G-d's blessing, there are NO LIMITS on what you can achieve.

Good luck!

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