10 Reasons Not to Compete on Price

A brand to remember does any or all of these things:

1. Simplifies the complicated (Apple)

2. Opens the door to possibility (Google)

3. Makes me feel safer (Toyota - yup!)

4. Gives me joy (Trader Joe's)

5. Makes me feel at home (Starbucks)

6. Gives me confidence in the transaction (Amazon.com)

7. Gives me encouragement (Nike)

8. Elevates my social status (Ralph Lauren)

9. Defines the outsider (Hot Topic)

10. Empowers the community (Avon)

...Notice that not one of these has to do with "low low prices."


Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal is an author, independent brand researcher, and adjunct marketing professor with 20 years of varied experience. An avid researcher and prolific, creative writer, Dr. Blumenthal's interests span communication, marketing, qualitative media content analysis, political rhetoric, propaganda, leadership, management, organizational development, and more. An engaged citizen, she has for several years worked to raise awareness around child sex trafficking and the dangers of corruption at @drdannielle on Twitter. You can find her articles at Medium, www.AllThingsBrand.com and www.DannielleBlumenthal.com, and she frequently answers questions on Quora. All opinions are Dr. Blumenthal's own.