Thursday, May 19, 2011

10-Tip Grab Bag: Save Time, Save $, Have Fun, Boost Your Reputation

1. Make an Altoids mini-garden: Sounds stupid. Is not. Nobody has cube space. Everybody likes greenery. This is easy, cheap and fun. First seen on Lifehacker.

2. Avoid the ATM: Using new service from Paypal (Droid is new, iPhone has it already), snap photo of check, deposit to PayPal, then transfer to bank - all for free. Here's how.

3. Avoid distraction: Write in a quiet online environment; I like this one (I type, then cut/paste elsewhere); other choices here if you don't mind writing on reverse screen

4. Make a favorites list on YouTube: Keeps your music in one place and leads you to new songs like this sort of have to give it a chance, and then it's great. I can't figure out most of the lyrics but what I can understand, I like.

5. Bring a bag of almonds to work: Munch them instead of regular food. Watch your bad cholesterol drop like mine did. Save money on overpriced, greasy fast food.

Oh I forgot...this is a blog about branding, reputation, communication, stuff like that. OK - quick tips on this:

6. The meeting is over before it starts. Connect with the most influential people before you walk in the door.

7. Put your resume on LinkedIn. It's free, simple, and looks nice. Plus this helps you focus on the highlights of how you can do the job you want. Which is what resumes are all about. See advice from Penelope Trunk.

8. Your reputation precedes your activities. These in particular will determine how you are treated right out of the gate:

* How you dress (put-together shows self-respect)

* Who you associate with (shows your values)

* How much money you seem to have (money is a metric of success - I know, it sucks)

* Whether you seem arrogant or humble

* Whether you seem happy.

You don't just walk in the door as a blank slate. Remember that, respond to the way you are perceived (whether it reflects your actions or not), and don't take it personally.

9. Learn when to talk and when to shut up. Sometimes, you should be proactive; other times, it's better to just be prepared.

10. Give yourself a pep talk every single day. I defy anyone, of any faith background, to watch this video clip from Joel Osteen and not be inspired and uplifted. When you are uplifted, you will smile, and when you smile, your reputation is boosted exponentially.

Have a great day everyone.

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