Template for communication metrics - easy to use, simple to adapt, free

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The ABCD Customer Satisfaction Survey
A Free Template You Can Use, Adapt, Remix and Integrate
Created by Dannielle Blumenthal (@thinkbrandfirst) 4/29/2011
Note: this worksheet has 3 tabs
Project Title: Sample Project 1
Item # Category Meaning Ranking
1 - Poor 2 - Average 3 - Excellent
1 Awareness Audience has increased knowledge
2 Attitude Audience has positive reaction
3 Action Audience buys or complies
4 Branding Consistent graphic/message/font
5 Cost effectiveness Project executed within budget
6 Customer service Communication team responsive to requests
7 Communication Open, honest, constant flow of information
8 Coordination Team members work together synergistically
9 Deadlines Deliverables provided on time
10 Excellence Overall performance by communication team
Subtotals 0 0 0
Total - This Project 0
Running Total (across projects; use worksheet tabs) 0
Customer Comments
This is sample text to show you that the cells have been merged so as to provide room for customer comment.