Sunday's social media daze

I have accomplished absolutely nothing this morning. Well - I published an updated ebook of my blogs so I guess that is worthwhile.

But I should have written a full-length blog. Didn't, because...I am futzing with social media tools and widgets and not getting to actual blogging like I should. First, Gist and now other stuff.

For example, now that I have inherited an old iPod touch I am futzing around trying to cross-train myself from Droid thinking to Apple thinking. Man is it tough! Makes me feel old.

The one thing I have found on this thing that I can't match on Droid is the free app from Dragon. I have been dictating like crazy and the thing actually picks up the words amazingly well. You can dictate into the app (as long as you're connected to the Web) and then send it wherever you want. 

You don't want to read the entire text of today's dribble but here is an interesting segment that basically sums up today:

"I forgot that I send my RSS feed to one tool and then signed up for another so every time I post a blog it's going to three different places and probably totally annoying everyone. Trying to streamline and get everything a little less chaotic."

Hope this works...

Have a nice rest of the weekend everyone.

Dannielle Blumenthal, Ph.D.