5 Outlook timesavers to explore on a Friday

Note: This works on the new version but not sure about all versions.

1. Save contact from email

Double-click on email. Right-click name of person from message header. Click "add to contacts."

2. Export contacts to Gmail

Choose advanced, then options, then export as CSV. Import to Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

3. Save group of emails to text file

Select a bunch of emails. Hit File, Save as, Text, then choose location.

4. Turn email to task

Drag email to task list

5. Turn email to calendar item

Drag email to calendar, add date/time/location

Other useful ways to use Outlook include assigning custom categories to tasks, synching calendars with Sharepoint, and one-way synching to Google calendar.

For more information, Google all of this stuff.

Good luck!

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