Health Food Marketing Tip: Target Kids, Not Parents

A grocery store I go to recently decided to cluster together health food in a certain section of one of their stores, near the front.

This is a fantastic development both for me, because I know where to find it, and for the family, because they are becoming conditioned to understand that most of the time, healthy food is going to make them feel better than junk food will.

Thus they are beginning to demand it. And now, they know exactly where to go to find it - rather than the esoteric places I tend to haunt.

Here are 3 products that are specifically aimed at non-health-food types, that the family loves:

1. Morningstar anything
2. Gardein beefless tips (also the chicken tenders)
3. Nature's Path instant oatmeal with flaxseed

I'm sure there are others, but it's been an interesting progression to see how health food marketing only works when the family really wants it.