The #1 personal branding secret you can learn from the Kardashian crew

When it comes to branding it pays to learn from everyone, not to focus on the elite. And I have learned a boatload from this family. Over just the past few episodes I was riveted to the screen as I saw:
  • Kourtney in the back of an ambulance, after passing out from over-dieting
  • Khloe admit feeling leaned-on and used by the rest of the family
  • Scott and Kourtney fight over who would watch Mason - she wanted to go to the gym, he was dressed for a business meeting
  • The mother cry as she told husband Bruce Jenner how he is the family rock
  • Kourtney call Khloe a "crazy b****"
...and so, so very much more.
The Kardashians are natural, absolute masters of personal branding because they understand one thing well: how to turn their flaws into assets. Where most people try to capitalize on their strengths and play down weakness, they do the complete opposite.
To do this requires both savvy - knowing what to say and what not to - and nerves of steel. Plus an absolute lack of shame.
Not everyone can be a Kardashian. But we can all copy their secret to success.