Personal Branding & the $50 Billion Sweatshirt: Zuckerberg Meets Eisenberg and Sandberg on SNL

If you didn't see Saturday Night Live last night, this clip is priceless. It shows Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg confronting Jessie Eisenberg, the actor who played him in The Social Network, as well as the Andy Samberg, who plays him on SNL - all at once.

Which one of them is the real Zuckerberg? The person born with that name, who is under the magnifying glass and must conform to a certain image to maintain his reputation? The actor, who is under no such constraints but needed to enact a script convincingly to sell tickets? Or the comedian, who has no skin in the game but to make us laugh and so can perhaps be more insightful than the other two?

There is a lesson somewhere in here about personal branding and how our real personalities translate into others' perceptions of us. And why that matters.

But the real reason to watch is that it's just hilarious.