Idea: A brand of exercise clothes meant for work

Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable it is to gear up for work in the morning? And then to keep up the appearance?

I forget about this during the weekend but then get a rude reminder every Monday at about 6 a.m.

Having conducted a brief observational study on this I have discovered the following:

1. I still can't tell if my suit separates, which are unfortunately separated completely from the original suit in the closet, are navy or black. Thus it is statistically likely, on any given day, that I do not match. And I know it.

If we all could wear exercise clothes all day, how freeing that could be! Not only is exercise wear more comfortable, but it is also mainly anchored by the color black, as opposed to a very similar looking navy.

2. White collar shirt = begging the Devil of coffee not to punish you with a spill. Never works.

3. The pointy-toed shoes that are so stylish nowadays are so narrow and so high that I get vertigo just looking at them. I often wonder if the shoes pinching ever gets in the way of the blood flow to the brain.

Sneakers to work, all day, would be so grand!

4. Is it me or does most costume jewelry look cheap and feel uncomfortable, if it's at all heavy? On Star Trek they wore unitards to work and no jewelry except for their Communicators. And look how much work they got done!

Let's wear pedometer watches that double as Blackberrys, and Bluetooth earpieces to keep the cellphone radiation away from our heads, and call it a day.

5. In the world of exercise, i.e. the gym, it is OK for your actual face to be seen. As opposed to the office, where a truly remarkable level of cosmetic sophistication is required. You are supposed to wear makeup, but not look like it, and yet look like it, etc. Totally confusing and it doesn't last past a sandwich anyway.

6. Ties are just plain cruel. They look like nooses. Whose idea was it that men have to wear nooses around their neck to be taken seriously?

I'm not saying we should look sloppy or anything. But dressing for work in stylish, modest gymwear could bring us a myriad of benefits.

1. We would be more comfortable and relaxed, so we would be more productive individually.

2. We would look more natural, which would promote less artificial, status-driven interactions generally. This matters because people who are comfortable will feel freer to speak up honestly about issues, ideas or processes that don't make logical sense. Which can save a lot of time and money.

3. We would be more likely to get up and walk during the day, or go to the gym, because there wouldn't be an issue of messing up the perfect uniform with physical activity. Meaning better health, so fewer sick days and less chance of long-term illness.

Has anyone created this kind of office-wear and I don't know it? If not, here's hoping that they do - hopefully before next Monday.