15 Hidden Biases That Are Costing You Money

1. "I only need to read industry news to keep me up to speed - otherwise it's a waste of time."

2. "I know what my customer wants - not you."

3. "I don't need to respond to that - saying something will only make it worse."

4. "They didn't say anything, so they must agree with me."

5. "Focus on managing upward - don't waste time on 'nobodies'."

6. "It's more important that the information be technically correct than understandable."

7. "It's a bad market - there are no opportunities out there."

8. "I'm too old to change."

9. "I already know what I think - don't confuse me (with the facts)."

10. "There is nothing new under the sun - everything important has been said already."

11. "People are inherently (good or bad)."

12. "I have experience and you don't, so my opinion is right."

13. "I know all there is to know already."

14. "I am too heavily invested to walk away now."

15. "There is no way to turn this situation around."

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