Recipe for A Successful Brand

* Genuine personality or emotion (take from target audience)
* Target audience (to appreciate and purchase brand)
* "Magic brand mixing machine": writer, designer, strategist
* Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. (social media)
* Mass media advertisements
* A PR specialist with contacts
* Product, service, organization or individual to be branded
* Chop personality into parts, but not too fine
* Retain the most desired personality attribute or emotion; discard the rest
* Rent or buy a "magic brand mixing machine"
* Switch machine to the "on" position (start paying)
* Apply output of machine to product, service, organization or individual
* Communicate resulting brand image to target audience through unpaid and paid media
* Unleash PR specialist
* Launch
* Pray (optional)
Recommended - for best long-term success:
* Donate portion of profits to a cause relevant to the brand
* Make transparent the brand creation process
* Even better: invite and respond to feedback from the audience and others in the community

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