Smithsonian Social Media Strategy Includes Branding

Take a look at the Smithsonian's "Web and New Media Strategy" which is noteworthy for many reasons--

1. It talks about branding. This is a connection that is only beginning to be made.
2. It is online and viewable by the public - fully transparent.
3. It integrates Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.
4. They don't pretend to have done it all - clearly we are looking at a work in progress
5. They created the strategy collaboratively using a wiki no less

And, last but not least

6. They actually have a strategy!

Below is a cut and paste of their strategic goals, which are really worthwhile for any organization:
  1. Mission: Prioritize Web and New Media programs in proportion to their impact on the mission
  2. Brand: Strengthen brand relationships throughout the Smithsonian
  3. Learning: Facilitate dialogue in a global community of learners
  4. Audience: Attract larger audiences and engage them more deeply in long-term relationships
  5. Interpretation: Support the work of Smithsonian staff
  6. Technology: Develop a platform for participation and innovation
  7. Business Model: Increase revenue from e-commerce fundamentals and Web 2.0 perspectives
  8. Governance: Design and implement a pan-Institutional governance model>>
Great job. Read more at the Smithsonian blog.